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How to cure bacteria and virus inflammation of lungs using traditional medicine?

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How to cure bacteria and virus inflammation of lungs using traditional medicine?

Lungs Inflammation

Inflammation of lungs is a serious hard condition which requires constant healthcare to cure the patient completely.This kind of disease is common during a cold and moist periods and especially during winter months. Prevention is wanted. One of the first things is strengthening our immune system.

Symptoms of lungs inflammation

First of all, symptoms of this disease are high temperature, fevers, sweating, loss of appetite, etc. If your immune system is damaged or you have used some antibiotics before, then there could some chance of having this inflammation.

Who is most likely to get sick?

People older than 65 years have an increased risk of this disease, in general. Pneumonia is hard to cure and sometimes deadly to older patients. This disease is particular present in winter months but some other factors may contribute it as well such as alcoholism.

Prevention of lungs inflammation

If you are over 65 years and you are a smoker and you have problems with the cardiovascular system, then the best way of prevention is vaccination. You should completely stop smoking and using substances that are harmful to your health.

You need to eat healthy food, mostly fruits and vegetables which contain vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are crucial to our health. Avoiding stressful situations can also be useful and the last but not least you need to sleep enough.

Natural cure for lungs inflammation

If you eat the right food, and you take enough fluids every day, then it can be said that you have placed the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. One of the most common cures for this disease is Horseradish. This plant has a specific smell and intensive taste.

It contains some substances out of which we may cry a little bit, but that is normal.

Some researchers in the United States says that Horseradish contains some substance which are very good for our immune system and which are crucial to cancer prevention. This cure is rich of vitamins B6, B12 and B1. Horseradish is used for curing various diseases which are connected to the respirator system such as coughing, sinusitis, pneumonia etc.

Prognosis of the disease

It is important that all people understand that this disease is a very serious condition. For patients who are in their juvenile period, a simple pack of antibiotics and staying at home for a few days will do the thing. This also means that you will have a greater chance to get the disease later in your life so you will always need to be careful of going out when it’s cold. For older patients this might be not the case. Their alveolus might be full with toxins which would present an obstacle for their normal breathing paving the way for asthma and chronic bronchitis. Education, prevention and healthy way of life are crucial in preventing this disease.

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